Special Needs

The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) is Singapore's national disability sports organisation. They promote para-sports in Singapore - helping the disabled live a more full and independant life.


In Singapore, the number of actual disabled individuals is four percent (4%) of its population and that is by the traditional approach; many of whom fall squarely within the main categories of physical impairment, vision impairment, hearing impairment and intellectual impairment.

At present, the disabled in Singapore are supported by about 186 organisations including special schools and voluntary welfare organisations. Of the 186, only 11 provide some form of sports to the disabled and almost all cater to persons of a specific disability only.

The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) is the only organisation in Singapore which reaches across all disability groups, offering a wide range of sports at both elite and non-elite levels. It is, in fact, Singapore’s national disability sports organisation.

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Disability in population

4% of any population is estimated to have
some form of disability.


estimated number of people with disabilities in
Singapore, with the vast majority over 18 years old.

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