Singapore American School Interim

February 2019

This year, TCRP had not one but two Lion City Adventures with the Singapore American School!

Field Notes

It was that time of the year again in February this year. However, this time, we had not one but two Lion City adventures with the Singapore American School! Apart from a 360 health & wellness adventure - this year, we got down and dirty and took the kids through the underbelly of Singapore. From the back alleys of Geylang (Singapore's Redlight District) to classrooms with Interpol - students spent the week in the shoes of various extraordinary individuals.

Trip Impact


Sports for the Disabled






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Funds Raised

This year's health & wellness adventure took the students through a similar journey as last year's group. From learning basic self defence techniques to spending an evening in the shoes of Singapore's wheelchair rugby team to understand better the challenges they face as athletes and individuals. Both adventures, taking students outside of their comfort zone and showing them a different side of the world they live in.


Zhang Tingjun

Alexandra Toh