Soundball Saturday Sessions

June 2015

On the back of TCRP's Lion City adventures, Catalysts hit the courts over a weekend in June to try their hand out at tennis for the blind with Soundball Singapore.

Field Notes

Soundball is Tennis specially adapted to the needs of the visually impaired. It is played indoors on a badminton court with special sponge balls that rattle. Soundball Singapore is part of Sports for the Blind

Trip Impact


Helping those with special needs






Lives impacted


volunteer hours commited

The volunteers at Soundball Singapore aim to use Soundball to inspire the visually impaired to strive beyond their perceived limits. We hope to promote further awareness of this sport, with a goal for it to be included in the 2024 Paralympics.


Gillian Teh
Melissa Chen
Charlotte Hsu
Jeanette Tay
Lavinia Chin
Yap Xin Yun
Zi Lin Choo
Melody Chuah
Lim Seng Keong


Christina Liew

Alexandra Toh (Photography)

"Spending my Saturday with Soundball Singapore was pretty awesome. Honestly, I got a lot more out of it than the regular players did. When you get a 76 year old visually handicapped auntie, getting up and playing ball like a rockstar. You know you can take a life lesson or two.”

TCRP Catalyst, Jeanette Tay recounts her experience with Soundball Singapore:

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