Manila Bike & Build

May 2013

One morning in May, Team TCRP rose before the sun to start their journey to the Dr. Jose Rizal Gawad Kalinga (GK) Village.

Field Notes

Decked out in first edition TCRP x 2XU cycling gear, catalysts hopped on Kawayan Bamboo Bicycles that were built as part of the villagers’ livelihood program, and relied on pure pedal power to get them to the village. It was literally an uphill battle, but all of them made it through unscathed.

As the summer sun beat down on them, the 23 of them carried countless buckets of granite, soil, cement and water, dug holes, filled crevasses, assembled parts, screwed in nuts and bolts and worked muscles they forgot they had, all to finish a playground for hundreds of kids.

The goal of the trip was to raise SGD$100,000 for the Dr, Jose Rizal GK Village. We are still in the process of raising funds and accepting donations for this campaign.

Trip Impact

Gawad Kalinga

Helping families displaced by Typhoon Pedring






Lives impacted


Funds Raised

Gawad Kalinga is not a charity, rather, it’s an organization that aims to end poverty by building sustainable communities. Gawad Kalinga’s vision is to build a nation empowered by people with faith and patriotism; a nation made up of caring and sharing communities, dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. Gawad Kalinga’s mission is to end poverty for 5 million poor families by 2024.

The TCRP 2013 initiative is still accepting donations for Gawad Kalinga as well as secured and built a playground worth $100,000 for the Dr. Jose Rizal Gawad Kalinga Village in partnership with Playpoint.


Jasmine Wong
Zhang Tingjun
Aziz Elbakush
Christina Liew
Derrick Siu
Elvira Ang
Faten Babaa
Ginette Tang
Joycelynn Poon
Julia Chan
Karmen Cheng
Lai Choi Kuen
Lai Pek Ngan
Lau Soon
Liu Shuqi
Lorraine Chen
Sabrina Schwarz
Shujun Zhang
Tomas Valencia
Yap Yien Li


Denny Antonino (Video Production)
Alexandra Toh Mei Ying (Photography)
Teo Pok Zin (Photography)
Allen Chang (Medic)

" I only heard of TCRP during a get together they organized a week prior to the trip to Manila. During which I was introduced to the co-founders and the rest of the enthusiastic catalysts. I was immediately struck by their energy, enthusiasm and vision. I hardly knew any of them, yet I was quickly immersed in their mission: a combination of adventure (bike) and tangible help (building).

Now that the adventure is over, I am back home and I look back and see that I was the one who gained the most out of this experience, I physically challenged myself, I was part of a hard working team, I met amazing spiritual souls and I got to play with so many children whose smiles and hopes only healed me and showed me the bigger picture and inspired me to do the same back home. Thank You TCRP "

TCRP Catalyst Faten Babaa recounts her experience at the Dr. Jose Rizal Gawad Kalinga Village:

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