Angkor Wat International Half-Marathon

December 2014

For their third year running, Team TCRP returned to the ancient city of Angkor with a team of 20 Catalysts in support of Sala Baï Hotel & Restaurant School.

Field Notes

Save for a few familiar faces of Catalysts who have continued their fight against human trafficking with us over the years, many of the Catalysts on this trip were first time change makers. From the floating village on the Tonlé Sap to through the mystical temples of Angkor Wat, Catalysts followed the journey of Khatna, a Sala Baï graduate.

Founded by the French NGO Agir pour le Cambodge, Sala Baï is a hotel and restaurant school. Each year, the school takes in 100 young disadvantaged Cambodians (mostly women) and puts them through a 12-month vocational training program at no cost to the student. Upon graduation, students are employed permanently in the ever growing hospitality industry.

Trip Impact

Sala Bai Hotel School

Training School for Disadvantaged Youths






Lives impacted


Funds Raised

Currently in their 12th year of operation, thanks to the support of donors and fundraisers over the years, Sala Baï’s new campus is underway! This facility will allow Sala Baï to increase their capacity by 50% thus expanding their outreach throughout Cambodia.

TCRP returns to Siem Reap in December 2015 to continue their fight against Human Trafficking.


Hui-E Seeto
Moh Chean Sim
Michael Han
Elaine Tan
Jasper Daniels
Abigail Lewis
Jessica Henry
Michelle Spencer
Charles Koh
Gina Tan
Kriti Kapoor
Peggy Gan
Natasha Shariff
Jacyln Chan
Jocelyn Chan
Alvin Liew
Jeremy Liew
Bow Kaewta
Pauline Png
Noelle Henry
Christina Liew


Edwin Lee (Video Production)

Agnes Bun (Video Production)

Alexandra Toh (Photography)

"I’m so happy that I am now a catalyst of the TCRP crew. I would strongly recommend this adventure to anyone who is willing to open their hearts to charity, willing to challenge their body to greater distances and lastly willing to just embrace new experiences and discover new friendships.”

TCRP Catalyst, Jacyln Chan recounts her experience with TCRP:

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