Training Day #2: TCRP X MacRitchie Treetop Walk

March 8, 2014

The time was 815am (not going to be late this time round) when I rolled into the Venus Carpark of MacRitchie Reservoir. It was clearly a sight of unfamiliar faces – various families getting hyped and all ready for the TreeTop Walk(TTW), a small congregation having picnic on the grassland BUT no TCRP. There I was standing under the tree averting the sun rays when I so happened to hear Ting's name being mentioned. Ahhh. Alas, these two unknown beings (Nina and Aziz) must be fellow catalysts too! Soon after, Jasmine, Angel, Shei Wah (who brought along his two lovely offspring – Isabella and Irving) arrived. Attendance checked and we were all ready to begin the hike through the stages of the mature secondary forest.

Within 10 minutes into the trail, a blob of black furry-hairy-looking boogey mass popped out of nowhere! Not that it was moving but my eyes caught the sight of that icky thing! I did a little ballerina prance around it (trying to look graceful even when I was all stuffed with fear) and unfortunately for me, Nina and Aziz captured that million-dollar moment. So much for trying to exhibit a strong character. Burst of laughters, teases and there we went, we broke the ice. Downhills, uphills, gravels, pebbles and slippery bedrocks. Jasmine and Angel (MacRitchie Regulars) led the way. We strutted along when little Irving skidded a couple of times and ended up being piggy-backed by Shei Wah. None of us was armed with heavy materials therefore having a five year old on your shoulders definitely was kkthe ace form of training for the 24hour Boulder Challenge. All the way Shei Wah! The Champion title is yours to claim! ;)

An hour through the condensed trail, we reached our destination . The 250 meters, approximately 25 meters high free-standing suspension bridge that connects the two highest points (Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang) of MacRitchie Reservoir. “One-Way. No Turning Back,” was the sign indicated right before we trundled onto the lumber planks. Now, even the TreeTop Walk was psyching our minds to prep ourselves for the challengers looming ahead in Davao! Definitely a statement to keep. Peace, calm, serenity along with bird's eye view of the lush forest below, we enjoyed every foot that we set upon on the TTW. We went on a couple more trails and out we were, back to the Venus Carpark of MacRitchie Reservior.

Lydia, Catalyst for Change (TCRP 2012)

We ended the day with a with a late breakfast at the Botanical Gardens, and spent a couple of hours gas bagging away, with a sprinkling of trash talking and sledging. Great day out (even with the early wake up call) and it was nice to connect with fellow adventurers ahead of landing in Davao. Looking forward to the next session, just watch out for people cutting your grass and don't let Ting order breakfast for you :)

Aziz, Catalyst for Change (TCRP 2012)

Food for thought – Don't cut my grass. (Come down next sunday to find out what this means)