The Chronicles of Timor: The Cabal

April 2, 2014

Alas! Welcome, welcome everyone to today’s gathering. Prior to the day’s event, you must of heard of this mystical land of East Timor. Among the shrouded ambiguity that surrounds that of our Timbuktus and Atlantises. And you most definitely might’ve heard of the infamous cabal of teenagers that ventured to this land. The recantations of their tale has often been misconstrued and filled with much tomfoolery including stories of being captured by sirens at sea, falling off great mountains and sailing in circles in the open ocean. But I am here to tell you the true story of this eclectic group:

In an island surrounded in mystery
Where the people there are Timorese
A brave group of rambunctious teens
Flew a plane to a land of green.
Now this cabal endured the strenuous activities
Climbing the highest and holiest mountain defying gravity!
They climbed for their lives and the climbed for sunrise
But all they received was an unpleasant surprise
Of rain and clouds
And they mourned out loud
But it didn’t matter because they had each other!
And on they went through Timor
From ratchet plantations
To physical hesitations
And breaking limitations
They glided through the city streets
From door to door they enjoyed several meets
With several very important people
But this wasn’t the steeple
Of their trip
Oh the flagrant cabal
Travelled through the happy villages
Spreading joy and the love phenomena
Along with HIAM health and Rosaria!
It was a great sight to see
As the days grew long and nights grew lonely
The group decided to learn some history
About the hardship faced
Of this incredible race
The Timorese.
The group was truly touched
After Atauro Island clutched
Their hearts
And kept a part
Of them forever in the beautiful land of Timor.

– Sid Iyer Sequeira, Singapore American School, Interim 2014.

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