December 31, 2012

Welcome to Siem Reap, Cambodia!
As the gateway to the Angkor region, it is home to the magnificent remains of the Khmer civilization – Angkor Wat, the largest Hindu Temple complex in the world. Under it’s ancient arches, shuffle by step by shuffle, TCRP Catalysts ran for Sala Bai.

Tonle Sap Lake
TCRP 2012 Catalysts started their journey at the Tonle Sap Lake as they retraced the footsteps of Khatna, a graduate of Sala Bai Hotel School. From the largest fresh water lake in Southeast Asia, Catalysts were taken through the vulnerable floating communities where many live under the poverty line.

Angkor Wat Half-Marathon
Under the shade of 100 year old Banyan Trees, TCRP Catalysts took on the challenge of the 17th Angkor Wat Half-Marathon. As they were shuttled to the temples at the crack of dawn, Catalysts stood strong at the start line with their shoes tied tight and spirits high. Together, past the mystical ruins and the local kids cheering them on, Catalysts sprinted to the end to taste sweet victory as many of them went from zero to hero as they completed their first long distance run.

Sala Bai Hotel School
Here at the Sala Bai Hotel School, TCRP Catalysts met 100 fresh faced cambodians taken in annually through an 11-month hospitality program – free of charge. They heard first hand stories from some of the graduates and saw the difference they were making. Sala Bai breaks the cycle of Human Trafficking by empowering these graduates through education and employment by taking in kids from some of the most impoverished families.

Through the vulnerable floating communites of the Tonle Sap to the ancient ruins of the Angkor Wat, collectively, TCRP 2012: Siem Reap Catalysts raised a total of SGD$40,000 for the students at Sala Bai.

Rockstars. Every one of you. Till next year, thank you for being such amazing Catalysts for Change. x
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