May 18, 2012

Welcome to Davao!
The seven peaks of Mt. Apo loom over Davao City, giving us a rare glimpse of its frequently cloud-shrouded summit. While it looked pretty harmless from our cosy rooms in the Marco Polo Hotel, Team TCRP discovered a different side of Mt. Apo when we got up close.

The 24 Hour Mt. Apo Boulder Face Challenge: The 33 hours of thoroughly character building experiences running, biking, water tubing, climbing dodgy hillsides, sleeping in a kind villagers hut, and hitching rides on motorbikes and pick up trucks. Bumps, bruises, and suspiciously green toes aside, all 12 troopers made it back safely and with smiles on their faces.

The Slums of Davao: Here, the most vulnerable become victims of human trafficking. Children who started out shy quickly warmed to our motley crew, revealing gap-toothed smiles and endless curiosity about the world outside theirs.

Halfway House and Girls Home: Team TCRP got a better idea of how we were making a difference. Rescued, protected and given a second chance at a normal life – a drawing activity with the girls here got them talking about dreams of becoming nurses, teachers, police officers and lawyers.

Mt. Apo 3 Day Hike: With 28 Little Catalysts That Could charging a mountain, things were bound to get a little psycho. Bee stings, bum knees, loose boulders, sulfurous geysers, vertical ascents and a literal mountain of mud made for one crazy adventure. Troops rallied through sun and rain, creeks and fields, over boulders and under tree trunks, and pulled through to wake up on the most beautiful sunny morning at the peak of the beast. What started out as a simple hike up a mountain, turned into an adventure of a lifetime. In high spirits and with plenty of spunk, Team TCRP conquered all 2,954 metres of Mt. Apo, all the while remembering that there are some things in life that should never have to be counted. Till our next adventure - Great work guys!