April 9, 2014

TCRP’s mission is to inspire and empower people to become Catalysts for positive change in disadvantaged communities. This is done through effective communication and storytelling via our photos, videos and online platforms. In helping donors understand the cause better, it allows them to see more clearly how they can help and give more effectively.

Believing in the importance of quality visuals and communication, we decided to help HIAM Health, our adopted charity in Timor-Leste with their website revamp late last year. After putting together our dream team, we over hauled HIAM Health’s overall online communication strategy and direction.

HIAM Health helps women and children suffering from malnutrition. It takes a holistic approach, rehabilitating children suffering from malnutrition in addition to educating families and communities about proper nutrition.


Together with our dream team, we sliced, diced and condensed the information presented on HIAM Health’s old website and provided them with a more user friendly platform.


With this spankin’ new website, we hope it helps HIAM Health communicate it’s mission and vision more effectively to help it secure more long term funding in the future for it’s ongoing projects in the districts.