2012 // Mt. Apo Ultimate Survival Challenge

DATE: April 2012

ADVENTURE: Mt. Apo 24 Hour Boulder Face Challenge and Mt. Apo 3 Day Hike

COUNTRY: Davao, Philippines


BENEFICIARY: Visayan Forum Foundation Inc. (VF)


CAUSE: Human Trafficking


With months of training behind them, and all ready to rumble, Team TCRP descended on the city of Davao, Philippines.

The 33 Catalysts shared the goal of raising funds and awareness for the Visayan Forum Foundation’s Centre of Hope.

12 Catalysts competed in the 24 Hour Mt. Apo Boulder Face Challenge, which saw them cycling, running and water tubing all in an effort to scale Mt. Apo in a day.

A few days later, 27 Catalysts – including 6 of the 24 Hour Challenge Competitors – set out on the TCRP Ultimate Survival Challenge, summiting Mt. Apo in a 3-day hike through rainforest, sulfurous vents and 87-degree ascents.

Founded in 1991, the Visayan Forum Foundation Inc. (VF) works towards the protection of vulnerable migrants, victims of human trafficking, forced labor and other modern-day forms of slavery.

It is estimated that 100,000 children and 300,000 women are trafficked out of the Philippines each year.

The Centre of Hope is a secure facility that serves as a safe haven and reintegration centre for victims of human trafficking. More secure than other safe houses, it takes in girls who are pursuing legal action against their traffickers and gives them counseling and skills-based training.

The centre takes in 300 girls a year, and is part of the larger objective of empowering victims of trafficking through a holistic intervention model of prevention, rescue, healing and reintegration and is a means of equipping girls with economic empowerment.

The TCRP 2012 initiative raised over SGD$100,000 for the Centre of Hope.


  • Alexandra Toh
  • Anina Boshoff
  • Jasmine Wong
  • Zhang Tingjun
  • Amanda LeVett
  • Aaron Cherbonnier
  • Andre Cherbonnier
  • Annabelle Magaoay
  • Aziz El Bakush
  • Charlotte Hsu
  • Elizabeth Tan
  • Erik Hertzman
  • Fei Woon
  • Frank Yap
  • Glenda Chong
  • John Gordon

  • Jonas Löfgren
  • Kirindi Akinyi
  • Leklek Villanueva
  • Lydia Lindsay Lewis
  • Nina Akinyi
  • Richard Weller
  • Sharon Tan
  • Shauna Foo
  • Shei Wah Tan
  • Shuqi Liu
  • Teo Pok Zin
  • Torun Stenseth
  • Weili Chua
  • Yanjun Zhang
  • Yien Li Yap


  • Edwin Lee (Video Production)
  • Simon Reynolds (ZeroRisk Survival Expert)


  • Visayan Forum Foundation Inc.
  • QlikView
  • ZeroRisk International
  • MTM Solutions
  • Bravo Company
  • BUFF®

  • Department of Tourism, Davao
  • Marco Polo Hotel, Davao
  • Playpoint International
  • Prospero World
  • 2XU

TCRP Catalyst Leklek Villanueva recounts her experience interacting with VF & summiting Mt Apo:

I was told I was crazy for doing it a second time around. But doing it for Visayan Forum, & the fight against Human Trafficking made it all worthwhile.”


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