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2009 // Tour De Timor

DATE: August 2009

ADVENTURE: Tour De Timor

COUNTRY: Timor-Leste



CAUSE: Malnutrition (Women & Children)



TCRP’s journey began in August 2009 with the Tour de Timor, Timor-Leste’s inaugural 5-day, 450-kilometre mountain bike race across nine of the nation’s 13 districts.

Using the race as a platform, and harnessing the power of social networking and media, TCRP successfully raised more than SGD$44,500 for HIAM-Health.

TCRP’s 2009 initiative also piqued the interest of the media. The endeavor generated over 10 news features across various print, radio and television platforms, significantly helping the team’s efforts to raise awareness about both HIAM Health and Timor-Leste.

The initiative saw the successful launch of HIAM Health, Timor-Leste’s first Malnutrition Rehabilitation Centre for Children.

The life-changing experience saw TCRP return to Timor in 2010 to continue their support of HIAM Health.


  • Jasmine Wong
  • Anina Boshoff
  • Alexandra Toh
  • Zhang Tingjun


  • David Flood (Bike Mechanic & Video Production Asst.)
  • Scott A Woodward (Photography)
  • Grant Knisely (Video Production)


  • Poison Ivy
  • BUFF®
  • Standard Chartered Private Bank
  • Asia Pacific Breweries
  • Air Timor
  • Eco Adventures

  • Wild Roses/Briko
  • Polar
  • Outdoor Life
  • Dynaforce
  • Hammer Nutrition
  • Rotary Club of Queenstown

TCRP Co-founder Anina Boshoff, recounts her experience at HIAM Health:

At the end of the Tour de Timor, we were thanked by the director of HIAM Health. Rosaria’s English was far from perfect when she spoke, but nobody could have made me understand more simply and eloquently the difference between simply bringing people help and bringing them hope. Speaking for severely malnourished children in one of the world’s least developed countries she said: “I want my country [to] be like your country. I want my people [to] be like you. Happy in your faces and healthy in your bodies.”


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